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Save Time & Money As You Get Ahead in Life


this popular compilation Contains answers to the most important questions on 25 Very Important skills, in an easy-to-understand style - Over 1000+ tips in all!


Skills You Will Find covered Inside:

1. Business Management
2. Marketing
3. Selling
4. Starting a Business
5. Communication
6. Project Management
7. Career Management
8. Negotiation
9. Persuasion
10. Power
11. Creativity
12. Problem Solving
13. Lateral Thinking


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14. Decision Making
15. Critical Thinking
16. Meetings Management
17. Fast Reading
18. Memory
19. Stress Management
20. Happiness
21. Writing Skills
22. Teaching Yourself
23. Self Management
24. Time Management
25. Leadership

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Your compilation is awesome.

-  Markus Schnell, Buyer


Interested in a successful career?

- Business line   


A Guide to the top rung.

- Financial Express


Presents all self-improvement ideas in one single document

- Keith Johnson,

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